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Why Live Wedding Painting is The Top Trend in 2021

Who doesn’t love to look at the wedding photographs of parents, grandparents, and great grandparents? Now you can add another piece to your collection of family treasures with a wedding painting. Looking to the famous works of Paolo Veronese or Norman Rockwell, and it is easy to see why weddings are best captured with paint. In between layers of pigment are tender memories of your special day.

The Celebration at Cana, Paolo Veronese, 1563; Bride to Be, Norman Rockwell, n.d.

By no surprise, this re-emerging trend in wedding entertainment is a favorite at Brides and The Knot. Brides calls wedding paintings the crucial replacement for traditional photo booths. “Capturing the excitement and romance of the day is essential for any wedding reception—before there was the camera, there was a painter.”

Read more about this age-old trend according to wedding industry experts:

What is the process?

Prior to the event, clients are encouraged to share any specific preferences for the painting – they may choose to have the reception, ceremony, or other details painted. Every client has unique artistic tastes. I consult with the client months before the event to determine the preferred style, whether it be realistic, impressionistic, abstract, or a combination of these.

On the day of the event, I arrive at the location about an hour early to set up my easel and paints. I then begin with a loose composition before guests arrive. As guests dance the night away, the painting comes to life with another layer of dimension added every hour. The entire process takes between 5-10 hours.

Set up consists of a portable wooden easel, acrylic or oil paints, mason jars and brushes, and a basket/bag to hold excess materials. I take extra precaution to ensure my materials do not clash with the wedding atmosphere.

The final painting can be made into professional canvas prints for family members or "thank you" cards for guests at an additional fee. Following the wedding, my clients always have the option for me to take the painting back to my studio in Minneapolis to continue refining details. However, there are additional hourly charges and shipping costs associated.

What are the benefits of live artwork?

Live event paintings create a memorable and unique experience for everyone. Guests can enjoy a moment of quiet and reverent entertainment as they watch the painting form. I welcome the involvement of guests in the painting process - contributing ideas or even brushstrokes! Their level of involvement can be determined by the client. Although photographers and videographers can capture the movements of an event, I believe paintings can capture the essence and passion of the beautiful, fleeting moments.

If you or someone you know would be interested in having a wedding captured in a unique and special way, please contact me directly at

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